Avalon Emerson

Music producer, remixer, DJ


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Avalon Emerson, Roi Perez - Champu Princess [Ostgut Ton Fünfzehn + 1 Compilation 2021]
ad93 040 Rotting Hills / Winter and Water / One Long Day Till I See You Again [ad93 2020]
DJ-Kicks: Avalon Emerson [!K7 Records 2020]
Whities 013 One More Fluorescent Rush / Finally Some Common Ground [Whities 2017]
Narcissus in Retrograde [Spectral Sound 2016]
Whities 006 The Frontier / 2000 Species of Cacti [Whities 2016]
shtum 009 Constantly My Cure [shtum 2015]
Let Me Love & Steal / Honest Gangster [Spring Theory Records 2014]
Church of SoMa [Spring Theory Records 2014]
Pressure / Quoi! [Icee Hot Records 2014]

Select Remixes:
Casey MQ - Candyboy (Avalon Emerson's Tall Drink of Water Mix)
King Princess - PAIN (Avalon Emerson's Half Dub)
Austra - Anywayz (Avalon Emerson's 14th Life Version)
Robyn - Honey (Avalon Emerson's Deep Current Reroll)
Four Tet - Teenage Birdsong (Avalon Emerson Scrub Jay Remix)
Slowdive - Sugar for the Pill (Avalon Emerson's Gilded Escalation)
Octo Octa - Adrift (Avalon Emerson's Furiously Awake Version)
Lena Platonos - Lego (Avalon Emerson Version)
Bwana - Three Way is the Hard Way (Avalon Emerson Remix)

Long-Forgotten Fairytale (the Magnetic Fields cover) by Avalon Emerson and Hunter Lombard
One More Fluorescent Rush by Hayden Martin, Josha Eiffel and Felix Geen
Natural Impasse by Avalon Emerson
The Frontier by Miguel Norigenna and Keivon Hobeheidar
Honest Gangster by Caitlin Denny
Quoi! (interactive music video) by Cabbibo

Recorded DJ Sets, Radio, Streams

Live in London (6 hour dj set) Oct 2021
Ostgut Ton aus der Halle am Berghain ARTE Concert Stream (B2B set with Roi Perez)
BBC Radio 1 Residency 2021 (6 shows on bbc r1 aired between March and August)
DJ-Kicks: Avalon Emerson
BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix
DJ Set Recorded at Mutek Mexico City
DJ Set Recorded at Printworks London


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